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HI! My name is Joel Diaz and together with my wife Luisa, we are the owners of Sally’s Way Dog Services. Thank you for stoping by! Now let us tell you our story ...

Have you ever heard dogs are four legged angels living among us? Well, that’s exactly how we feel about Sally. On March 12th, 2016, Sally came into our lives. We found her (by beautiful accident) at an adoption event in a pet store near our home. We did not intend to rescue that day, but who could have resisted that little sad face of Sally? She was confused, fearful and overwhelmed.

We were saddened to hear her littler was rescued from Puerto Rico, where they were abandoned near the beach, with no food, water, or protection of any kind. We did not have to think this twice; we wanted to take Sally home.

After completing the lengthy adoption process, we officially became Sally’s parents. We could not believe we were going home with a new addition to the family. Happiness does not even come close to how we felt!

It was then time to find her a “walker”. We were extremely worried about her, since her confidence was in the lowest level and she feared everything around her. We hired two local companies and none of them gave us that reassurance of her wellbeing. They could walk her, take her out to do her business but that was not the only thing she needed. She needed support, she needed to socialize and just learn how to be a balanced happy dog. It was then when I decided to make her my priority.

I used to walk dogs- a lot of dogs. And it was something that I was always so passionate about. I could understand them and somehow read them. Sally started to slowly opening up to me and I knew exactly what she needed.

She was there for a reason. We truly believed that. So I took my chance and decided to show her the way. I quit my job and dedicate myself 100% to Sally. She learned the way in her own terms and time. She became this happy pup that everyone love so much. People were amazed by her change. It was like seeing a complete different dog. It was then when I realized “Sally’s Way is the Best Way” to find happiness and balance in dogs.

Thanks to the constant support of family and friends we decided to share our way and make yours (L)